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Winter Waxing Tips

Our experts say that winter is the best time of year to wax! During the colder season, we’re more likely to let our body hair grow, meaning that it can be removed easily without the hair breaking. As a result, your hair will be removed from the root and doing this throughout the Winter means the speed of your hair growth will have slowed down by summer (equally less hair removal sessions in the sunny season, hooray!). Additionally, the hair will become spare and thinner, making it less painful to remove when the sun comes back out.

It can also benefit your skin; Waxing removes dead, dry skin, which is common during the winter months, giving you smoother skin. What’s more, waxed skin also enables moisturizers to be absorbed more rapidly and efficiently!

However, as the wintertime is rife with Christmas parties and fun festivities, consider avoiding waxing on the day of any special event that you are attending as people with very sensitive skin might incur slight redness or blotchiness. This will calm down in a day or so.

Pre Wax Products:

  • WS4507 The Epillyss Pre-Depilatory Lotion product offers less painful depilation and facilitates the insertion of electrolysis filaments. This lotion forms part of the daily work routine of every beauty specialist. It is also the right tool for feet disinfection and is excellent in controlling undesired odors.
  • WS3507 Italwax Pre Wax Oil Lavender nourishes and regenerates the skin, leaving it silky and well-groomed after the hair removal procedure. Due to the oil content, it has antiseptic, healing and relaxing properties. The calming aroma turns to wax into an exquisite SPA treatment.

The Best Body Waxes for Winter Waxing:

·Chocolate hard wax for the holidays? Yes, please, for the holidays and all through the year! WS3453 Italwax Hot Film Hard Wax in White Chocolate Granules has all the antioxidant power, so they leave the skin smooth, protected and bright. Plus, they smell great.

· WS671 Natali Sugar Strip Wax. It is made from all-natural ingredients and is water-soluble. Sugaring is less painful since the product does not adhere to the skin but only to the hair. The product is safe to use on clients with sensitive skin or even varicose veins.

· WS409 Epillyss Sensor Gel Wax. Minerals and extracts of Lavender and Lemon create a smooth, silky texture and an aqua-pearl color. It has an ultra-fluid texture and its application is very thin and, therefore, economical and convenient. Its exceptional formula and the easiness of its application make this wax a great choice for bikini waxing.

After Wax Products:

  • WS78 Natali After-Wax Lotion is used after hair removals like shaving or waxing as it helps to remove any wax residue. The added Allantoin helps soothe irritated or itchy skin and reduces swelling or inflammation. The lotion moisturizes the skin and helps to lock the moisture in. It keeps skin soft while helping to prevent the formation of ingrown hair
  • WS85 Tea Tree Oil Gel with Aloe Vera. This refreshing gel including Aloe Vera Gel, Tea Tree Oil, Chamomile Extract and Lavender Oil soothes the skin and relieves minor skin rashes and irritations caused by waxing.

There is no reason to interrupt your waxing schedule during the winter! You will enjoy the benefits of waxing throughout the year, look gorgeous for the holidays and have better waxing results come summer. Remember that flawless waxing all-year-round calls for high-quality waxes and waxing accessories. That's exactly what Natali Products offers for beauty professionals: soft or hard body waxes, pre- and post-depilatory lotions and accessories that cater to every need.

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