Natali's Covid-19 Esthetician Benefit Details

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A Rosa Graf Summer treatment that’s perfect for warm weather! Check out our steps to provide your clients with fresh summer skin!

The Lifestyle line is suitable for all skin types and provides a luxurious skincare experience. Light and great for warm weather, it incorporates ingredients that leave the skin feeling fresh, smooth, firm and hydrated.

Try this treatment today and discover a complete anti-aging/hydrating treatment.

Step1: Use cleansing Milk (3ml), moisten the skin first, and apply the Cleansing Milk and emulsify (5min).

Step 2: Use the Cleansing Peel (3-5ml), moisten the skin, apply the peeling product, emulsify and carry out an exfoliation using soft, circular motions (5min).


Use the Enzympeeling (5ml), apply over the face and neck using a brush. Keep it moist with steam or a warm, wet compress for 10 minutes, then rinse off thoroughly. Tip: mix the enzympeeling with a brush until it foams (20min).


Step 3: Use the cleansing tonic (3ml), moisten a cotton pad with tonic and gently wipe across skin (2min).









Step 4:  Next, use the Lifestyle Gel au Cristal (2ml). Apply the Gel around the eyes and work it in gently. (20ml), Apply the Gel on the entire face, neck and décolleté and work it in gently. Tip: It can be used with an ultrasound beauty device!





Step 5: Use the Gentle Soothing Mask (10ml) and apply onto the face, neck, décolleté and leave it on for about 10-15min. Remove the mask (15min).











Step 6: Next, use the Lifestyle Crème-Gel Nuit (quantity as required), massage the décolleté, neck and shoulders. Wipe the cream residue off with a tissue (15min).

Step 7 (optional): Use the Lifestyle Crème-Gel Jour (quantity as required), apply and massage it in gently (1min).








Products used for the treatment :

Cleansing Milk RC801, Cleansing Tonic RC802, Cleansing Peeling RC805 or Enzympeeling RC187, Lifestyle Gel au Cristal RC213, Gentle Soothing Mask RC122, Lifestyle Creme-Gel Nuit RC212, Lifestyle Creme-Gel Jour RC211.

Or Lifestyle package RCLIFESTYLE.

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