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Meet Lela!

Meet Lela - Natali products Showroom Manager and Beauty Boss!

Lela - Showroom manager at Natali products

📌 Lela's Background:

38 yrs in the beauty field
Esthetic/Electrolysis/, Make-up artist
Esthetic instructor & Management

Favorite part working at Natali:

Working every day in a field I'm passionate about, never feels like work.
Customer service, I'm a people person and love to interact with clients, sharing my knowledge with new and veteran estheticians.

Working with a fantastic team/company!

Lela's top-5 favorite products from Natali

🔹Rose skincare Vitamin C serum
🔹Nataderm Brightening Vitamin C peel-off mask
🔹Phyto Sintesi Phytocell Forte cream
🔹Revive 7 lash serum
🔹Voesh collagen gloves/socks

❓Have a question? Need professional advice?
❤️ Feel free to contact Lela!

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