COVID 19 Press Release
Natali's Covid-19 Esthetician Benefit Details

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COVID-19 Esthetician
Benefit Details:

A groundbreaking partnership between Virtual Beauty Pro and Natali Products. In response to the Covid-19 crisis, together we are offering each of our eligible esthetician customers a brand new, online business!

 Sign up today for your very own e-commerce store, with your own unique website address. Your store comes PACKED with high-quality professional-grade beauty products your clients will love.  

  • An Online Store: No start-up costs! No web design fees, no hosting fees, no processing fees.  
  • No Additional Administrative Work: No purchasing products, no storing or maintaining inventory with expiration dates and no fulfilling or accepting orders. There is also no accepting payments, no packing and no shipping. Best of all, no getting stuck with products that don’t sell. 
  • IncomeCollect a 20% referral fee monthly on everything that sells through your store! One of the highest referral fees in the industry! 
  • Client Retention: Retain your clientele through product sales. Estheticians work tirelessly to build and maintain their clientele. Engagement is the key to retaining clients. Through online or phone consultations, estheticians remain their clients' beauty experts and gives good reason to stay in touch!

How it works:

· You sign up and Virtual Beauty Pro creates your store.

· Natali Products supplies all the products in your store and ships them directly to your customers.
· Once you are signed up and running, share your new store with your clients via social media, email and phone calls. Invite your clients, friends and family to shop at your store where they will find unique professional quality beauty products at competitive prices.  

· Natali Products provides a resource book with all of the store's skincare products. Never get stuck without knowing the details of every product! Directions of use, top ingredients, and many tips. Additionally, the guidebook is filled with tons of professional treatment protocols too.

· We encourage virtual and phone skin consultations between you and your clients to increase your sales and assist your clients to purchase appropriate products that work for them.

· Collect 20% of your store’s monthly sales!

· Virtual Beauty Pro web design fees, hosting fees, payment gateway fees and IT management are 100% subsidized by Natali Products.

· Natali Products covers warehousing and storage, inventory control, picking, packing, and shipping duties. Products will be shipped directly to your clients’ homes at absolutely NO COST TO YOU EVER.

Both Natali Products and Virtual Beauty Pro know how important it is to maintain and build relationships with your clients during this challenging time. We have created a new way for estheticians to stay connected while still serving their clientele during, and well after, COVID-19. 

Visit to get started.