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  • Discover natural-looking self-tanning

    It looks like many of us won’t be heading to the beach this summer!So it’s time to discover St-Tropez self-tanning products. St-Tropez is 100% natural and contains a unique, completely...

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  • Aromatic sprays for glowing skin

    Face mists and aromatic sprays nourish the skin and help address dehydration and irritation - working double and triple duty most of the time.

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  • What is a Vajacial?

    Have you heard this word before? Need some details?Here we go! Vagina + Facial = Vajacial Vajacials reduce acne, bacteria that can grow in the hair follicles, causing inflammation, which...

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  • What are EGFs in cosmetics?

    EGF is short for Epidermal Growth Factors. These are a specific type of peptide, a 53 amino acid polypeptide chain.

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  • What is a Booty Facial?

    Booty facials are becoming extremely popular. A booty facial provides multiple benefits: exfoliation to prevent ingrown hairs, improve texture, and diminish scars and hyperpigmentation.

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  • Top products with Hyaluronic acid

    Hyaluronic acid is the number one of the most popular skincare ingredient.  

    We reviewed dozens of products and found so many of our top bestsellers contain this miracle ingredient. 

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  • Ingredients to fade acne scars

    Acne scars form when an abundance of collagen forms in the area of wound healing. The scar most often develops within the dermis, where the original acne formed.

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  • Depilation products for sensitive skin

    You were asking about the best depilation products for sensitive skin. Please check out our top recommendations!

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  • Best ingredients for mature skin

    Every ingredient, product, and treatment needs to tie back to the roadmap if you want to achieve the anti-aging results your clients can feel and see.

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  • Introducing the Spa Mask

    Spa Masks completely cover the mouth and nose and take up minimal space on your client's face versus traditional face-masks! This allows you to provide more thorough and comfortable services while ensuring your clients are masked.

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