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    The hottest beauty treatment of the summer!

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  • What is special about BCN Mesotherapy Products?

    We have received a lot of questions from you about Mesotherapy Treatments and suitable products. Let’s answer them!

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  • All about ItalWax

    Are you a waxer looking to level up? ItalWax is the game changer!

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  • Neck and Decollete treatment

    No matter how committed your clients are to a face care regimen, there's one significant area we all seem to neglect: the décolletage.

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  • What is special about Phyto Sintesi?

    Looking to add a skincare line to your practice? Check out the Phyto Sintesi.

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  • Manicure inspired by Fashion

    Calling all Nail Techs! We are extremely excited to announce our new launch! Welcome EMI!

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  • Discover natural-looking self-tanning

    It looks like many of us won’t be heading to the beach this summer!So it’s time to discover St-Tropez self-tanning products. St-Tropez is 100% natural and contains a unique, completely...

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  • Aromatic sprays for glowing skin

    Face mists and aromatic sprays nourish the skin and help address dehydration and irritation - working double and triple duty most of the time.

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  • What is a Vajacial?

    Have you heard this word before? Need some details?Here we go! Vagina + Facial = Vajacial Vajacials reduce acne, bacteria that can grow in the hair follicles, causing inflammation, which...

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  • What are EGFs in cosmetics?

    EGF is short for Epidermal Growth Factors. These are a specific type of peptide, a 53 amino acid polypeptide chain.

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