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All about ItalWax

Are you a waxer looking to level up?
5 years ago I was tasked with the job of finding a Premium Wax Line that was *different* for Natali Products.

After traveling to 6 countries on 3 continents searching for Premium Wax that was *Different* I fell upon ItalWax. 

In Italy!

ItalWax is an INSANE dream come true for waxers.

And here is why:
Flex Wax: Wax that applies as a soft/warm wax, removes with strips like a soft/warm wax but doesn’t stick to the skin like a hard/cold wax! 

Film Wax: a totally modernized revamped version of hard/cold wax. A special rubberized flexible texture that DOES NOT BREAK. Period. 

Selfie Wax: a special film wax made specifically for the face. Infused with a delicate oil complex to protect facial skin while waxing. 

Top Line Wax: a special synthetic film wax made specifically for the most sensitive and reactive skin. 

All Body Wax ( Gold) : a special film wax that can be used EVERYWHERE. Gentle enough for the most delicate areas, tough enough to grab the most coarse hairs. 

Nirvana Wax: a luxury wax that incorporates aroma and candle therapy for a totally unique spa-like waxing experience. 

The final kicker is PRICE! The most affordable premium wax on the market!

Different doesn’t begin to describe the ItalWax lineup! It is completely unique. Absolutely NOTHING like it on the market. I was totally gobsmacked!

ItalWax is the game changer! It took me 19 months, yes 19, to find the *different* wax!
ItalWax is available at Natali Products.

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