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Premium Italian Wax

Shop our Premium Italian wax, Italwax, at incredibly low prices!

Furniture Packages

The perfect bundle for those working with skin care and facials. Save over $100 when you purchase all six items together in our special package deal.

Nataderm Facial Masks


Shop our professional masks to address your client's skincare needs; we have a large range for every skin type!  

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Free / Flat Shipping Rates *

Free Shipping across Canada for skincare & makeup orders over $500. Flat Shipping fee of $18.75 for skincare & makeup orders below $500. * Custom rates for all orders that include heavy or bulky items.

No Minimum Order

Secure ordering on high quality products, hand picked from carefully selected brands, with no minimum order!

Thousands of Items

We carry a wide assortment of products, supplies, tools, equipment, furniture and all of the in-betweens. We offer free demonstrations so you feel confident with your purchases!


We take our customer's business seriously. We are never open to the general public so your products and services remain protected, and exclusively for you and your business. 


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